Yacht Charters New Jersey

Metro Yacht Charters of New York provides exceptional private yacht tours to party planners across the New England area. Luxury private yacht rentals in New Jersey are available for parties of all kinds, big and small. Metro Yacht Charters has private yachts for romantic anniversary evenings and gorgeous dinner dates, as well as large and luxurious yachts for weddings, birthdays, corporate events and many more.

A private yacht provides an event venue, atmosphere and ambiance unlike any other venue in New England. You’ll enjoy the fresh air, glittering water and stunning sky with all of the comfortable amenities of the luxury yacht. Sit and enjoy the cruise, take in the sprawling skyline, enjoy a delicious dinner and mingle with friends, family or coworkers during your day or evening tour. Wide selections of yachts are available throughout the year, every day of the week so you can plan the perfect party.

Plan your wedding, reception, birthday, corporate event and more on a private yacht. Take a look at the many spacious yachts available to find the right venue for your event and contact Metro Yacht Charters to schedule your luxury private yacht rental in New Jersey.