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Bucket Lists and Reverse Bucket Lists in New York

In recent news, the New York Times had released a collection of the ultimate reverse bucket list gathered from various New Yorkers. A reverse bucket list is a number of things that you hoped to never do in your life. It evolved into including what you hope to never do again as well. This is a much more negative focus on the power of a real bucket list, which made it seem odd when the New York Times was surprised they got so many people sounded so down or depressed about some of the things they listed.


Instead of a Reverse Bucket List there should be a revival of the actual bucket list. It was first given a big focus when the movie the Bucket List had emerged. And for good reason, it made people realize that if they aren’t doing the things they want to do before they die, then are they really even living their life? We see people continually want to write a novel, or go to Paris or any number of things but they decide they won’t do it, or can’t do it because they need money or they have to focus on something else, and before long they don’t know what they are doing with their life.


Of course with a Bucket List, that doesn’t mean if you aren’t doing something on it, then you are wasting your life. There are restraints and restrictions. But the best way to look at it is, if you aren’t working your way to the things on your bucket list, then you probably won’t ever complete it. Maybe you picked up a job with the sole focus of putting savings aside so you can make that trip to Paris. Or maybe you just never got to be on a yacht so you are saving up money to have your own birthday party or wedding on a yacht just so you can experience that.


As long as you are aiming towards something on your bucket list, you can’t go wrong with your life. So don’t lose that focus.


Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/03/nyregion/in-new-york-city-bucket-lists-run-in-reverse.html