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Extreme Wedding Proposals in New York City

Engagement RingSpending a significant amount of money on a wedding is expected, but what about spending thousands on the proposal? According to a recent news story on New York’s CBS 2, “extreme proposals are becoming the latest trend to pop the question.”


How much would you spend on a proposal? A NYC wedding planner believes where the wedding is truly for and about the bride, the proposal is when the groom shines. In fact, she has planned proposals costing more than $50,000 – multiple times! Although the majority of men are not spending that much money, it certainly says a great deal about the nature of wedding proposals.


If you really think about it, when a woman announces her engagement, one of the first questions asked is, “how did he pop the question?” It seems to us here at Metro Yacht Charters of NY and clearly people throughout the city that bigger is better these days! Gone are the times when getting down on one knee in the kitchen is romantic; these days, an extreme wedding proposal is the way to go.


From proposing at Bryant Park, to a musical serenade in a decorated hotel room and hiring a flash mob at various locations, wedding proposals must be romantic, surprising and over-the-top! Another idea for an extravagant wedding proposal is to charter one of our many yachts, from yacht charters for 2 – 1,000 passengers, your proposal will be one for the books! Have your friends and family aboard when you get down on one knee; we offer full service event planning to ensure your event- the proposal- goes off without a hitch!


For more information about extreme proposals on the water please call our event coordinator, Laurie Kutscera at 1-800-445-5942.