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How to Make A Corporate Event Memorable

There are various reasons why corporate events are hosted. Celebrating business success or a corporate anniversary, promoting new or expanding business services, or advertising to potential clients are among the few.


Planning the “Corporate Event of the Year” is no easy feat! To ensure your employees and guests enjoy all the benefits of the event, you’ll want to follow simple tricks and ideas listed below:


1. Plan your event based upon a unique and unified theme. Just because it’s a business event doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! People are more apt to let loose when the atmosphere is anything but stuffy.


2. Let your creative juices flow! Think of a space that’s inviting, functional, and has itsown sense of charm. Our yachts are comfortably suited for your party size, specifically designed to provide both luxurious and unique venues for hosting events from 20 – 1000 people. Each offering an atmosphere conducive for relaxation and the enjoyment of the New York and New Jersey skylines.


3. Hire professionals to make sure everything is good to go! As in any industry, a professional offers you a level of service that provides you with expertise to get the best possible results. We are pleased to offer our services with an eye for creating the “wow” factor and best represents our client’s business.


4. Giveaways are always a hit, so whether it’s novelty items related to your business, photo favors, or fine chocolates, guests are pleased when they’re able to take something home from the event.


Be sure to give Metro Yacht Charters of NY a call when planning your next corporate event… let us help you find the perfect private yacht for a most successful event!


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