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New York City’s Luxurious Lifestyle is Coming Back

Luxury has always been a word associated with the most upscale corners of Manhattan. From condos to world-class entertainment to amazing cuisine on any block, people with a little extra spending cash can truly see a great deal of what our city has to offer. New York City and luxury really go hand-in-hand. Just think of The Great Gatsby, The Roaring Twenties, and diamonds as big as the Ritz. Luxury’s a lifestyle here in New York City, especially in Manhattan, but that luxurious lifestyle has been on life support over the past few years.


People in Manhattan just don’t seem to care about looking good anymore or aspiring to be luxurious – having a life as big and shiny as a Ritz diamond. Has that luxury, once so potent and infectious, drifted to parts unknown? Maybe we can point the finger at the economic grind. Times have indeed changed, have become more difficult. Additionally, Brooklyn has taken much of Manhattan’s cool, but luxury? What happened to those dreams of luxury? They’re alive and well at Metro Yacht Charters of NY, where people can relax on some of NYC’s world-famous waters and dream of the good life. The city needs more of that and finally other people are starting to take notice, as we’re entering a wave of upper-class development that will hopefully jumpstart the city’s luxurious lifestyle.


A new wave of upper-class accommodations will be unveiled across NYC in the coming months, adding a great deal to the city’s legacy as a home for luxury hotels and luxurious lifestyle. As this article published by The Wall Street Journal discusses, this latest wave comes in response to an increased demand for high-end business lodging.


Midtown Manhattan, the section of the city featuring most Broadway theaters and the Empire State Building, has just seen the opening of the Park Hyatt. The new flagship location of Hyatt Hotels will contain 210 rooms in which visitors can stay for an average rate of nearly $900 per night. The hotel occupies the first 25 floors of a 1,004-foot luxury tower and will offer some of the most expensive stay rates of any hotel in New York.


This latest opening is just the first of many upscale lodgings that will be entertaining visitors with money to burn. A new Four Season hotel will be opening in Manhattan in 2016. A few blocks away from the Park Hyatt, a new hotel developed by Baccarat SA will open in December of this year with average rates that will outpace the $900 per night average at the Hyatt.


New York hotel owners have also been reporting an increase in group bookings; in the latest fiscal quarter, group bookings increased by 25 percent over the levels seen in the previous year. Per room, luxury hotels brought in $229.32 per room over the first six months in 2014, an all-time high for that figure, which is a popular method for determining luxury hotel value.


If you plan on checking out any of these accommodations during your visit, you may want to think about taking a trip out with Metro Yacht Charters of NY. We cater to New York’s luxury crowd and our high-end yachts can take you through waterways all around New York City as well as areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. New York City has always been known for a luxurious lifestyle. It’s nice to see that coming back.