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Take Your Team Building Out to Sea!

Team Bonding on YachtEvery office could use it every once awhile: team building! Any exercise or event that is specifically aimed at fostering bonds amongst co-workers affords companies the opportunity for their employees to know, and work with, each other more.

Workplaces that succeed are the ones where there is a healthy personal and professional work environment, encouraging commitment to team building.

So what better place to host a team building exercise than on a yacht, or boat? The diverse range of maritime vessels that we offer at Metro Yacht Charters of NY are the perfect setting for a team building event, no matter the company size. Especially if you get creative: for example, the bar on the yacht can be transformed into a ‘Beer Blending’ event, where co-workers can chat over craft drafts, and hear from a beer blending pro themselves. Then there’s the chance to host a ‘Cocktail Guru,’ a mixologist meet-and-greet who could produce special cocktails just for co-workers to sample, and taste.

While these events are good to get co-workers talking, companies can take it a step further with fun activities, all of which can be performed on the water. There’s also more than enough space for a Jeopardy style game show team building activity. Another activity that always proves to be a big hit is the ‘Lip Sync Battle,’ which, like the TV show of the same name, pits co-workers in an epic showdown of music knowledge. All you need is the microphone.

At Metro Yacht Charters of NY, we have extensive experience in hosting everything from formal business dinners to casual corporate outings—so team-building exercises come naturally to us. Working side by side with your event planning team, we’ll create an afternoon or evening that your employees will never forget. The only question will be: when’s the next one?

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