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Planning Your Corporate Summer Outing

Metro Yacht ChartersIt’s safe to say that nobody in the office wants to be cooped up inside on the beautiful days of summer. These warm temperatures are perfect settings for summer outings, which hold immense benefits for office morale, socialization, and productivity.

If you are looking to plan a corporate summer outing filled with style and class, Metro Yacht Charters could be the perfect venue.

Everyone in your office will appreciate a corporate summer outing, especially on one of our renowned yachts. We have some advice on how to plan the best corporate event possible.

Ask for Input

If you’re thinking about planning a corporate summer outing, don’t forget to ask for input from your employees. What type of yacht do people want? What size seems most appropriate for your office? Do you want a yacht packed with luxury or a yacht with casual atmosphere for unwinding and enjoying the sites?

Incorporate Games

One way to really boost team participation on your next corporate summer outing is to create games that gets everyone involved, and working with one another. But don’t make them too work-heavy: you go on a summer outing to escape the office, not to have more work to do. Co-workers will appreciate the lightheartedness and fun!

Appreciate Your Team

The real point of a summer outing is to show your co-workers how much the company appreciates their contributions. You’ll want your outing to reflect that. If you put in the effort, your co-workers will notice, and keep it in mind in the future. Consider giving each employee a small gift to express your appreciation for them.

There’s really only one place that’s perfect for any type of summer outing: a yacht! Plan your next corporate outing with the experienced team at Metro Yacht Charters of NY, and bring the whole team on board to bask in New York City’s beauty at sunset right on the water. Contact us today!

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