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How to make your next business meeting notable

More often than not, a business meeting is held in a windowless and dull boardroom, or in a lackluster and uncomfortable conference room.  The clichéd setting can force some employees to dread the idea of attending the meeting, especially if the meeting is going to be time consuming.  Changing the location of your next meeting to a new and exciting place can be just what you need to stimulate the discussion and rejuvenate the morale in the room.  Furthermore, a more desirable venue can create a distinct impression and help the attendees remember the discourse.


Metro Yacht Charters of NY can provide the ideal venue for your next business meeting.  We offer an assortment of deluxe private yachts that can comfortably accommodate anywhere from 2 to 1200 people.  Our esteemed event planning staff can arrange the yacht to correspond with the theme of your meeting, and we will work closely with you to provide everything you need to have a productive gathering.  Additionally, we can serve drinks, appetizers and a delicious lunch and/or dinner.  During the breaks, guests will able to roam inside and outside to mingle and network with other attending parties.  The relaxed atmosphere will help to break the ice and promote interaction.  Best of all, those in attendance will be able to take in a variety of breathtaking views while they travel on the calm water.


Customer service is our top priority at Metro Yacht Charters of NY.  Whether you need a unique venue for a business meeting in New York City or want to throw a surprise party for a loved one, our dedicated staff will go above and beyond to make sure that no detail goes unnoticed.  If you have questions, or would like to reserve a charter yacht in NYC, please contact us.