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Plan Your Holiday Party with Metro Yacht Charters

As the weather grows cooler in New York City, it’s time to start planning your company’s holiday party! It’s the perfect opportunity to thank employees and clients for all that they do. Why not make this year one to remember? Instead of booking a restaurant or dining hall, consider an evening cruise on a private luxury yacht. From the breathtaking views of New York City to exquisite cuisine, this is one holiday party everyone will remember.

There are so many options for planning an event and making it totally unique. Metro Yacht Charters offers full service event coordinating—where everything from menus, to entertainment, to holiday decorations can be customized. Our event planning services offers you the opportunity to focus on your business during the busy holiday season while we handle the party planning.

Why not get into the holiday spirit by hiring Christmas carolers and decorating in layers of red, green and shimmering gold. What about a continuous cocktail party and a live band performing classic holiday songs? Interested in offering your employees or clients an even more unique experience? Consider adding an old fashioned candy display complete with treats for every holiday or a strolling magician. Let us make your vision a reality! From Lady Liberty to the Empire State Building, the city will be truly magical aboard a private yacht!

With yachts that can accommodate 20 to 1200 guests, there is plenty of room to bring the whole company aboard! Click here to view our beautiful luxury yachts and contact us at 646-780-9693 to set up your holiday party with Metro Yacht Charters.

Manhattan Luxury Development

More and more, the elite class is being welcomed once again to New York City, a metropolis that cannot be rivaled. Anyone who has ever visited Manhattan knows that, although certain stalwarts will always be here, most of the city’s skyline is ever changing, with dozens of construction and renovation projects being undertaken at any time.
 … View Yacht

NYC Event Planning

What better way to celebrate than with an excursion on the sea? And that’s exactly the kind of thing you’ll find when it comes to the kind of event planning Metro Yacht Charter offers. You’ll never want to have a wedding, birthday or any party without a yacht again. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a business meeting,… View Yacht

Metro Yacht Charters of NY Will Bring You to Spring Water

Spring is, finally, here and the weather is starting to pick up. Rejuvenation can be felt in the air and many are flocking to water to experience it. At Metro Yacht Charters of NY, we want to be the ones to bring it to you, because, after all, There’s nothing quite like a luxurious dining experience on the water to really feel alive,… View Yacht

Getting Married in NYC Waters

You’ve already said yes. Your partner’s ring is on your finger and now all that’s left is to pick a place to make good on that promise. Where are you both going to say “I do?” Where is your partner going to wait as you walk down the aisle? Where are your friends and loved ones going to weep and giggle and hoot and holler during your first kiss as partners in marriage?… View Yacht

Spring in NYC

Springtime in New York is one of those crazily inspiring things that we completely take for granted. If you’re a local, it’s easy to forget the bigger picture as you’re rushing to catch the express train!
And if you’re a visitor, New York is a spectacle no matter the season. But after snow washes into the gutters and just before sun-heated air gets stuck between the looming skyscrapers on Fifth Avenue,… View Yacht

Great Reasons to Get a Closer Look At NYC

Every year, millions upon millions of tourists visit New York City to see some of the most engaging sights in architecture and art that can only be found in this metropolis. The five boroughs of this city are home to renowned museums, cultural institutions and many locations that are brimming with historical significance.
Metro Yacht Charters of NY loves to remind our fans about the many great reasons to get a closer look at our city,… View Yacht

This Fall, Take a Guided Water Tour of NYC’s Most Beautiful Views

The autumn months bring a great splash of color to New York City, and the vibrant natural colors are on display everywhere.
Many people think of this city as a concrete jungle, but there are plenty of areas where all can enjoy the changing of the seasons. Public waterways with close access to large groves of trees can be found in every borough of New York City…. View Yacht