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Celebrate Your Engagement On the Hudson River with a NYC Yacht Charter

Congratulations to everyone who recently became engaged! Whether the big question was popped over the holidays or you’re freshly engaged, planning your engagement party is the next important step!


Before you even begin thinking about a wedding, an engagement party is a chance to share the news with friends and family. It’s an opportunity to truly take a deep breath and celebrate this next step in your life as a couple. And who doesn’t love another excuse to throw a party?


Consider your engagement celebration a less formal version of a reception. No gifts are expected and sometimes it’s a great chance for the groom’s side of the family to pitch in while the bride’s family focuses on the wedding costs.


Here are some tips for planning the engagement party of your dreams:



Who do you want to celebrate with you? For some couples they choose mostly close friends and family, who might even be included in the wedding party. Try to avoid inviting people that you wouldn’t invite to the actual wedding. It can get sticky when you invite them to enjoy your engagement and then explain that you’ll be cutting down the list for the wedding itself.



Why not use your engagement party as an opportunity to have fun with a theme? Because there are no rules for engagement parties, you can make it as personalized or as elegant and you’d like. It is also an opportunity to carry the theme of your wedding one step further. This is your guests’ first impression of how the following celebrations will go – so make a good solid effort!



Why not choose something totally out of the ordinary? Hosting a party on a luxurious private yacht charter in the Hudson River is a spectacular way to entertain your guests. Imagine a fine dining experience, with family and friends, wonderful music and the city of New York as your backdrop!


There’s a style for every taste and budget!

A lovely afternoon or evening cruise in NYC is something your guests will not soon forget! There’s really is no better way to celebrate an engagement, a rehearsal dinner, an anniversary, and YES…even the wedding itself, than aboard an elegant yacht cruise in New York City!

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