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Cruise Brokers: Do You Really Need One?

When choosing a NY yacht charter, it’s not always the case that you have easy access to your full array of options. It can be hard to find a complete listing of charters available and then be able to turn around and compare each option.

Each ship can vary in terms of size, location, and even levels of security when it comes to visiting a new place. This is where a cruise broker would come in handy and help you navigate your options in the simplest way possible.

A cruise broker is an unbiased industry expert who has experience sailing on all ships within the market itself. What a cruise broker can do for you is tell you the difference between all the different ships, whether it’s river, luxury, sailing, boutique, premium, mass market or a mega liner. Along with this vital information, they can also tell you what features or benefits come with each brand as well. Once all this is taken care of they will walk you through your process and even offer advice into what you should book or what they think is most suitable for what you’re looking for.

They will help you to manage your program operations, help to build your onboard and shore side events, deal with the yacht owner on your behalf and they are even very perceptive when it comes to negotiating rates, terms, and amenities that will surely have your best interest in mind.

A cruise broker can do a lot for you when it comes to finding everything you need and putting it into motion. They will make your life that much easier! Metro Yacht Charters of New York can do all of this and more for you. All you have to do is share with us your vision and we’ll put together a list of our recommendations. We can plan and execute your event for you as well – from the menu to the invitations.

Contact Metro Yacht Charters to get started with planning your perfect New York City event!

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