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Manhattan Luxury Development

More and more, the elite class is being welcomed once again to New York City, a metropolis that cannot be rivaled. Anyone who has ever visited Manhattan knows that, although certain stalwarts will always be here, most of the city’s skyline is ever changing, with dozens of construction and renovation projects being undertaken at any time.

Metro Yacht Charters of NY aims to give our clients an unbeatable view of this skyscraper in flux. Our extensive fleet of motor and sailing yachts will take you out onto the waters surrounding the most picturesque regions of this city, all while enjoying incredible luxury unmatched by any other NYC yacht charter service.

Much has been made about the difficult economic times experienced by New Yorkers in recent years. However, as this article published by The NY Daily News discusses, a bevy of new residential options for the upper class is proof that New York is still the home of world-class entertainment and lodgings.

As the article states, luxury condo development is still very much alive in our city. Members of the upper class have many residential options open to them, and those opportunities have only been increasing in recent years. There are about 2,500 new apartment units, which will become available this fall with an average price of $1.5 million for a one-bedroom residence.

Manhattan development is occurring at a pace far faster than luxury condo construction in Queens, Brooklyn and the other boroughs of this city. While hundreds of new apartments will be available in the downtown region of New York City within a few months, many construction projects in the outer boroughs will not be finished for six months, and some will require two years to reach full completion.

Here at Metro Yacht Charters of NY, we provide unforgettable experiences in the waterways surrounding the heart of New York City. Make sure to check out the options available through our sailing fleet to see the best in offshore entertainment that NYC has to offer.

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