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NYC Event Planning

What better way to celebrate than with an excursion on the sea? And that’s exactly the kind of thing you’ll find when it comes to the kind of event planning Metro Yacht Charter offers. You’ll never want to have a wedding, birthday or any party without a yacht again. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a business meeting, team building, surprise parties, birthday parties, or really any kind of ceremony you can think of, we are ready to accommodate.


But what usually ties people up more than just the venue, is the actual planning process for a party or celebration. And don’t worry because that can be covered too. We can take care of everything for a party from invitations to Entertainment. We’ll handle as much of it as you need or as little of it. We usually handle either all of the event planning with your input, or none of it and you are just using our yachts for your location.


But if you are looking for someone to plan everything out, especially for weddings that can require more than most, we can have everything down to those little crab cakes everyone loves. And don’t worry, we are ready to take care of any nutritional needs or if you just need things to be a specific theme for decoration.


The process for event planning all comes down to communication. The more you communicate with us on what you are looking for, the better off we can serve you for planning the perfect event you need. And if you have any questions about what events we do cover for planning, or what we cover over all, feel free to contact us as soon as possible so we can get that communication started today!



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