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Spring in NYC

Springtime in New York is one of those crazily inspiring things that we completely take for granted. If you’re a local, it’s easy to forget the bigger picture as you’re rushing to catch the express train!


And if you’re a visitor, New York is a spectacle no matter the season. But after snow washes into the gutters and just before sun-heated air gets stuck between the looming skyscrapers on Fifth Avenue, something sort of phenomenal happens…New York wakes up!


Central Park pops with color and the songbirds return to their favorite trees. Sunlight starts to tint the pavement a different hue and streets become filled with the colorful sights, rich sounds, and enticing aromas from the traditional ethnic fairs.


Whether this is your first spring in New York, or you’ve lived here for sixty years, take a moment to watch us wake up and enjoy an afternoon, evening or sunset cruise with Metro Yacht Charters of New York. Metro Yacht Charters offers full service event planning allowing you to enjoy the experience without worrying about details – itinerary, invitations, entertainment, flowers, linens – we will handle it all!

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