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Getting Married in NYC Waters

You’ve already said yes. Your partner’s ring is on your finger and now all that’s left is to pick a place to make good on that promise. Where are you both going to say “I do?” Where is your partner going to wait as you walk down the aisle? Where are your friends and loved ones going to weep and giggle and hoot and holler during your first kiss as partners in marriage?


There really is no better answer than on a yacht, on open water, unless it’s on a yacht with the New York City skyline behind you. There are so many reasons to choose a yacht as your wedding/reception venue, but here are just a few that we came up with.


You can be selective in your guest list. Our yachts don’t require you to limit your guest list to immediate family only, but they certainly make it easier to overlook your Aunt Sally’s neighbor from twenty years ago when handing out the invites. Yachts are an intimate space that are perfect for sharing your big day with the people who really matter.


Khaki colors, navies, whites, and coral accents just suit a nautical wedding. And if you pick a yacht as your wedding venue, your theme is right there. Forget laboring over color schemes for hours or days, you’ve already got colors to work with that any wedding party would be proud to wear. And groomsmen in Sperry’s? It doesn’t get much better than that.


Between the water, the sunset, the NYC skyline and the bow of the boat, you are guaranteed to have some amazing wedding photos. And your favorite might just be the picture where you’re waving back at your party from the back of a Jetski as you head out into your new life with your partner. It certainly beats tin cans on strings attached to a rented limo.


Contact Metro Yacht Charters of NY today to make your nautical wedding a reality. We’re happy to help!

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