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Great Reasons to Get a Closer Look At NYC

Every year, millions upon millions of tourists visit New York City to see some of the most engaging sights in architecture and art that can only be found in this metropolis. The five boroughs of this city are home to renowned museums, cultural institutions and many locations that are brimming with historical significance.


Metro Yacht Charters of NY loves to remind our fans about the many great reasons to get a closer look at our city, but we’re especially optimistic about the near future. The new year brings a new mayor to New York who has the potential to be one of the best supporters of avant-garde art who has ever graced New York City Hall.


Bill de Blasio was recently sworn into office as the 109th Mayor of New York City, and as this New York Times article discusses, he has some very strong ties to various artistic scenes operating throughout the city. As the article describes, Mayor de Blasio isn’t often seen at traditional cultural venues, such as the Lincoln Center or Museum Mile, but his attendance at small institutions and newer galleries is astonishing.


Supporting artistic venues and hotspots that fly under the radar was never the main focus of the previous mayor, Michael Bloomberg. However, Mayor de Blasio’s transitional committee includes a group of current directors for many well-known organizations, including the Brooklyn Museum, the Public Theater and Harlem’s Studio Museum. Many of the leaders of these institutions feel that they’ll enjoy at least the same levels of mayoral support as in previous administrations.


With a thriving cultural scene being maintained within the city, you can bet that now is a great time to get stunning views from just outside the city. Metro Yacht Charters of NY has plenty of amazing options for taking to the water quickly and enjoying a few hours on the many waterways surrounding the city. Aside from New York, we also offer pickup points in Westchester, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.

New York has built a storied tradition based on its cultural institutions, and it’s encouraging to see that continuing far into the future. When you want to get out and take a look at the aesthetically pleasing city skyline, give Metro Yacht Charters of NY a try. You’ll enjoy the time spent on our luxury vessels.

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